How to Select an appropriate haircut face shape

How to Select an appropriate haircut face shape. Haircuts according to face shape, for those of you who want to cut hair to pay attention to tips and tricks how to choose suitable haircut face shape and body

HEART face shape
Characterized by a pointy chin and jaw firmly. You just choose a hairstyle that could reinforce the shape of the face or covering the jaw. Because they also can increase your appearance more attractive.

Tips for you, the face of the liver:
1. Short hair will better reinforce the shape of your face, while the hairstyle is long and will give a good balance on a firm jaw and a pointed chin.
2. As with oval faces, hairstyles that are too high at the top (short bob fall sharply) not too beneficial for heart face.
3. Avoid side hairstyle that is too heavy, or layers on the right side and left the hair, which would eliminate the dramatic cheekbones. Better to choose pieces that are light and not too textured.

Oval face shapes
Basically the oval face shape is the ideal face shape so suitable for any model, but it may be more focused on the lack of such, for example, cover a wide forehead J

Avoid: cover your face with heavy bangs. Avoid having a hairstyle that covers the face.

Some tips for you:
1. Avoid sasak hair is too high so make the face look even longer.
2. The oval face shape tend to be balanced and proportionate, so almost all of the pieces can be used for facial hair oval face shape compared to others.
3. This time it was in hairstyle for oval face is: bob layer, beachy waves and shoulder shags.
4. Will look more attractive if the hairstyle slightly upwards or away from your face so it shows the oval face shape.
5. Avoid using too many bangs or heavy.

ROUND face shape
Round Faces or sometimes make a round face look more chubby cheeks and a plump. But if you can you 'touch' the right, can still look attractive appearance.

 Tips you can do:
Give a little volume at the top or near the facial hair. As long layers bangs or side bangs will make the face appear longer.
Unlike the Oval, round face hairstyles require the full or sasak higher order face appear longer.
Avoid hair styles that are also round and along the chin because it will make your face more round plasticity.
Also, avoid haircuts thick in the ears and cheeks, because it will make the hair look more broadly.
Curly hairstyles, but congenital.
Chin-length haircut.
Choose a hairstyle that parts of the center.
Model haircuts and volume expands on the side near the ear.

SQUARE face shape
The face of the box usually has the characteristics of a full and wide. To get around this box face shape best kind is the right haircut with long layers chunks or a dynamic textured short hair, if your hair is straight, trimmed slightly to the side which faces sideways. But if you should make your hair curly hair rolls sideways to frame your face shape.

Other tips:

If your hair is very straight and long, do the body wave that can give the effect of curl or wave in the hair. this can give balance to the face shape of this one.
If you really curly hair tends to curl, recommended thinning hair that is not too full in your face.
Avoid hair straight and flat along the jaw that makes jaws wider and disproportionate.
If want Bob or short hairstyle is in add layer.

Haircut tailored to the shape of the body:

Body straight, athletic fit short haircut with layers, and can be
also a bit long at the nape (back).
Pear shape generally matching short haircuts up to his chin, feminine styles are somewhat contained. But it also must be adapted to the shape of the face.
Thin body should have shoulder length hair, create wavy or air-layer for the body look fuller. Avoid short hair, straight and long because it will make you more visible thin.
Fat body will look slimmer if left slightly long hair and layers on the left and right. Avoid pieces too short, too long, or curly and wavy as it can not disguise the shape of your body.
If your body shape is very tall and thin, longish hair models choose to be part of your head looks proportionate to your body.