Long Hair Still Most Popular

Long hair is still winning as the most popular hair style. Everywhere you look you see the long, flowing hair style look.

If you are very patient, you can just grow out your hair. Most hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. At that rate, you could have about 12-inch long hair in only 2 years.

If you want the long hair style sooner, you can always get permanent hair extensions or even wear clip-in hair extensions. Hair extensions have come a long way and some methods are quite affordable for those that don't have millions in the bank (like celebrities!!).
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Carrie Underwood Hair Styles

Carrie Underwood Partial Updo Hair Style

If I were writing the next Dos and Dont's Section for Glamour magazine, this hair style would be a do.

It features small sections from the sides of the hair pulled back and pinned into place. The hair in the crown area is slightly back-combed to create a little extra height in the area.

Side swept bangs are ironed smooth and flat and swept across the forehead.

Add to this the dangling earrings, expert makeup application and you will be a star, just like Carrie Underwood.

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Short and sassy hair styles

Short and sassy hair styles belong to Halle Berry. She practically invented them.
Check out this short hair style that features many layers that are uniquely positioned using hair products.
This type of hair style is very easy to create. Simply apply strong hold styling product throughout the hair and shape and position hair using your fingers.
Add accessories and you are done.
Not everyone can pull off the short hair style like Halle Berry. It takes some serious confidence!