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Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles

If you want to have a trendy hairstyle, then you should have a long hairstyle. That is and pretty much has been the case forever. Not all women, though, look good with long hair. If you are extra short, for example, you wouldn't want to have really long hair because it would make you look even shorter.

The key to getting a long hairstyle to look right is to design the cut so that the face shape is flattered and facial flaws, such as a high forehead, wide face or narrow chin are accented or camouflaged with the haircut.

Options for a long hairstyle include long or short layering, texturizing, side swept bangs or full bangs, thinning out and highlights or lowlights.

Before you decide on a long hairstyle - whether you want to grow your hair out or get hair extensions, you should try on various styles using hairstyle imaging software. Click on photo, left and above, for more details on how you can do this.

Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are reserved for the ultra-confident women who wants a no-frills style that looks glamorous. Some of the more popular short styles today include the pixie and the ever-lasting bob. The pixie has ultra-short layers that are sooooo easy to style. Imagine spending about 5 minutes styling your hair...

Carey Mulligan is wearing a short hairstyle that features medium length layers in the crown area with very short sides and back. Currently, Carey is wearing a much shorter version of this style and in a blonde color.

With short haircuts, you definitely need to have your accessories and make up top notch. Check out the newly updated celebrity short hairstyles gallery and see some more great options.