Medium Hairstyles- Options are endless

If there is one certain length of hairstyle that offers the most styling options, it would be the medium length hairstyle. This style is great for a workplace style and it travels well into the formal event and even informal occasions.

The style can be dressed up with hair clips or partial updos and it can be worn down and disheveled for an undone look. Besides the many options available from the medium length, the actual hairstyle can also be cut in many different ways.

Layers - The addition of long layers to the medium hairstyle give it a lighter, flowing look.  Ask your stylist if layers would work for your current hairstyle.

Bangs - Add soft sideswept bangs for a modern look.

Curls/Straight - Go all over curly or all over straight. These are styles you can create on your own and they offer great variety in your look.

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